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asked questions

Is it really free ?
Yes, free as a bird, no strings attached.

# Free to use

Do i need to credit soundcha?
No, credit is not required but we would appreciate a credit as it provides exposure to our music and encourages us to continue sharing free music. A credit can be as simple as adding the name soundcha with a link to our page.

# credit soundcha

Why so few tracks available ?
Soundcha is newly born, not to forget, we are a small team doing this in our spare time. We want to contribute to the creative community with great music for free with no strings attached. So dont forget to check by every now and then for new songs.

# Tiny Music Library

Do you only have short audio clips ?

No, even if our main focus is shorter audio clips, we also have longer audio clips. Just use the filter and sort songs by their length.

# Mixed lengths

Where can i use the music ?
Use it anywhere.

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Vimeo, Twitch, Broadcast, Games, Websites, Weddings, Podcast, festivals, Presentations, live stream and more.

# Where use music

Can i monetize my videos ?
Yes, our music will not interfere with your earnings or advertising revenues.

# Monetize videos

Can i use the music for commercial purposes?
Yes, use it for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

# Commersial Use

Anything i can’t do with your music?
Yes, there are certain things you just cannot do with our music. Well try to keep them at a minimum, simple & understandable as possible.

You can’t

  • Making your own music with ours, meaning adding lyrics, make a song, a re-mix or use it in your own music production
  • You cannot Claim soundcha music as your own.
  • You cannot Register soundcha music in any store/platform.
  • Sell, Share or re-sell our music

# What you cant do

Can i find your music anywhere else?
No, you can only find it here on soundcha. We do not sell or sub license our music anywhere else. Did someone just whisper the word unique?

# Unique Music

How do you make money if music is free ?
We actually don’t so if you like our music, consider donating if you have the possibilites, by this you’re helping us to continue making great music.

# Music for Free


Do i have to pay royalties ?
No, our music is 100% free from royalty fees.

# Royalty Free

Do i have to pay public performance costs ?

No, since we own the rights, public performance rights, performance rights, and performing rights, we grant you permission to play the song in public, online, or on radio or just anywhere.

# No Public Performance Costs

Is the music copyright cleared ?
Yes, our music is copyright cleared so thereĀ“s no risks running into copyright issues.

# Copyright Cleared

Is the license valid worldwide ?
Yes, you can even use it on the moon if you like.

# Worldwide License

How long is the license valid ?
Forever, there is no expiration.

# No Expiration License

Can i get in trouble using your
music ?

No, if we could describe the soundcha license with only two words it would be Trouble Free.

# Trouble Free

Can’t find the answer to your question ? We’re here to help and answer any questions you might have