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We are soundcha

Hi, my name is Alexander, i am the founder of soundcha. We are a small team of 3 musicians working for soundcha. A creative team that enjoys every minute of doing what we love, creating music. We have actually been doing this for a VERY long time, two of us have more than 25+ years of songwriting and production experience.

The whole idea with soundcha grew from all these short audio clips we daily create in our recording studios. Usually when creating a new song, in many occasions we can end up making around 3-5 short audio snippets before deciding which one to use for a final full length production. One becomes a winner, and the rest, we’ll you probably figured it out, will never see the light, they just end up in a folder on our computers, it sucks, but unfortunately, it is the sad reality.

Social media has changed through the years, and so has the consumption of media, short intensive videos are now almost the standard, YouTube shorts, TikTok, Reels etc, this is creating a huge demand for curated short audio clips.

This is basically how the idea with soundcha was born. Today our short audio clips gets a meaning with their short lived lives :), and we ♥ love to see how it has become useful for others.

We hope you’ll enjoy our music and that it gives your videos that little extra magic that stands out from the crowd.